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These short clips provide an overview of the basic features within YachtSpec.  Please contact us to arrange an online demonstration where you can learn how YachtSpec handles more unusual situations. We can then share the alternative methods dealers use the system to handle a particular issue situation.

YachtSpec’s help area provides detailed clips that describe the functionality of the system but, more importantly, how you would use it to cater for real world situations.  This allows each user to derive the maximum benefit from the system.

  • Overview – What is YachtSpec is and how does it help with the various elements of the boat sales management process – as seen on home page
  • Quote in 30 seconds – YachtSpec can create a quote for a fully specified boat in just 30 seconds from any device connected to the cloud.
  • The YachtSpec Ecosystem – Automatic addition of new customers and part exchanges as brokerage listings from a new boat deal complete the circle of life within YachtSpec.
  • Activity Reports – See how you can easily monitor the level of sales effort made by offices or individual brokers. Customers’ history can easily be reviewed too.  ‘No activity’ customers are your list of customers that have been ‘dropped’ in the period and need to be contacted.
  • Quote Approval – Watch how simple and effective the approval process is that ensures all quotes meet your minimum profit levels.  Brokers and managers are always informed via their dashboard.
  • Customer History – How YachtSpec tracks the history of a dealer’s activity with a customer.
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