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Customer Documents

Every document produced by YachtSpec is created per the standard template. This means documentation from a dealer to every one of their customers is consistent irrespective of the brand of boat the customer is purchasing and the broker managing the sale.

Creating documents is as simple as making a choice from the print drop down menu and selecting the type of document.  This can be done from within the deal itself or a dedicated Deal Documents page in YachtSpec’s Reports section.  This latter alternative allows you to produce documents for a customer without having to open the deal first.

Dealer principals and sales managers can feel confident that customer documents can only be produced for deals that are above margin thresholds or have an approval if below this threshold.

All YachtSpec documents can be emailed directly from within the system with standardized email text providing a consistent, professional approach from all brokers in the dealer’s office network. All email attachments created by YachtSpec are in pdf format providing assurance that files are secure from manipulation.


Types of Documents


There are 2 types of quotes.  

The first is the proposal which provides a cover page including a photo of the boat and its model description text.  The second page provides a summary overview which is the followed by pages containing details of the options specified, the contents of packages specified and any standard fit equipment.

The 2nd is the quote below which merges the first two pages of the proposal into one.  This more suited to subsequent quotes made to the same customer.

Click to view example proposal


Each quote has full details of the model, engine and options fitted with sections describing any cash discounts and/or part exchange (trade-in) details. Where the specification of a boat has changed after a contract has been signed, changes are clearly marked in ‘Contract Amendment’ and ‘Post Contract’ sections.

It’s been proved that customers prefer this transparency and avoids the discussions about why the total is higher because they took something out of the spec and replaced it with something else.

Click to view example quote


Ready to contract?  Just click contract in the print drop down have a single document with the same summary and options details as the quote plus a payment schedule to buy the boat and the dealer’s terms and conditions.  Each page of the document is numbered and has an initials section for buyer and seller to avoid any disputes about which options were included in the total price.  Where a dealer has multiple legal entities the contracting entity is selected in the deal to provide the appropriate terms for that entity.

Since the contract uses the same data as the quote there is no need to worry about missing an option off or including one by accident.

Click to view example contract


Deal Analysis

A complete breakdown of the true profit made on a boat sale.

Other costs considered in the total profit relate to customer care costs, broker commissions, introducer fees, franchise fees and the costs of disposing a part exchange.  Customer care costs provide for the inevitable costs of after sales work and specified for each model and location combination in the dealer admin section.  Other cost reductions are the bonuses or discounts that a manufacturer may afford the dealer on any specific boat.

Margins are displayed on a line by line basis to assess the impact of specific cost adjustments that may have been made, together with any notes describing the reason for the adjustment.  A summary table describes the profit on the contracted boat, contract amendments and post contract changes and on the whole deal.

Due to the sensitive nature of profit information, please contact us for a copy of your brand’s deal analysis.

Price List

Price lists are clear, attractive and include logos and images of the boat.  YachtSpec’s price lists save costs on printing documents that are rendered obsolete at the next price list change.  When printing or emailing a price list there are options to include dealer fit options in addition to the manufacurer’s options, a typical boat specification and / or the broker’s details.

Click to view price list

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